Inoculants & Nodulisers

Inoculants are added in Liquid Cast Iron in order to provide the best and consistent characteristics in the final casting. They are used to control matrix structure and avoid casting defects. Inoculants can be found under several grain size distributions to satisfy the location of the Inoculant addition within the foundry process. Those locations of Inoculant addition are known as In‐Furnace, In‐Ladle, In‐Stream or In‐Mould. Inoculants are Ferro‐Silicon based alloys. All elements which are Aluminum, Barium, Bismuth, Calcium, Carbon, Strontium, Zirconium or Rare Earth can be added in exact amount into the base liquid iron in order to provoke and certify the final casting matrix structure

Nodulisers are alloys with Silicon as main component and traces of Magnesium, Cerium; Calcium with specific relevance. The nodulisation process enables the transformation of lamellar graphite into spheroidal or vermicular one, thus improving mechanical strength, elongation and material resilience.

Products We Manufacture

  1. Ferro Silicon Magnesium
  2. Ferro Silicon Strontium
  3. Ferro Silicon Barium
  4. Ferro Silicon Zirconium
  5. Ferro Silicon (With or without Rare‐Earth)
  6. Aluminium Ferro Silicon
  7. Others (As per specific requirements)


Ferro Silicon Magnesium Alloy imparts the correct Graphite Structure required in S.G.Iron thereby improving the Tensile Strength & its elongation properties. We produce Ferro Silicon Magnesium in wide range of specifications & combinations of Magnesium, Calcium & Rare Earth. With bare minimum inclusions of Dross & Oxides, our material reduces Alloy consumption by giving maximum recoveries with reduced fume generations.

Stringent control of Chemistry and size is ensured by offering tailored specifications & size requirements for all applications processes such as In‐Mould, Tundish or Sandwich.

Grade Table

PyroMg 460 42‐48% 4‐6% 0.8‐1.2% 0.8‐1.2% - 0.70% Balance
PyroMg 570 42‐48% 5-7% 1.5‐2.0% 1.5‐2.0% 0.4-0.8% 0.70% Balance
PyroMg 680 42‐48% 6-8% 0.8‐1.2% 0.8‐1.2% - 0.70% Balance
PyroMg 810 42‐48% 8-10% 0.8‐1.2% 1.5-2.0% 0.8-1.2% 0.70% Balance
PyroMg 820 42‐48% 8-10% 1.5-2.0% 0.8‐1.2% - 0.70% Balance

(Other grades available & can be manufactured as per specific requirements & applications)

Other Specifications

  1. Size:Our regular sizes are 1‐5 mm, 5‐15mm, 5‐25mm and tailor made sizes can be produced on demand.
  2. Packing: In Jumbo Bags or 50 kg Gunny Bags


Ferro Silicon Strontium Alloy is a very powerful Inoculant suitable for both Grey & Ductile Iron Castings specially in Thin Wall Section Castings & Corners. Low Aluminium & Calcium content ensures minimal slag formation, hence, reducing the risks of developing Pin Holes

Grade Table

GRADES Si% Sr% Ca% Al% Fe%
Pyro SR 610 70‐75% 0.6‐1.0% 0.15% 0.50% Balance
Pyro SR 120 72‐75% 1.0‐1.20% 0.15% 0.50% Balance

Other Specifications

  1. Size: 0.20mm to 0.70mm; 1.0mm to 3.0mm; 3.0mm to 6.0mm (Other size available)
  2. Packing: In 25 kg Paper Bags or Jumbo Bags.

Grade Table

GRADES Si% Al% Ca% Ba% Zr% Fe%
Ferro Silicon Inoculant 70% Min 1.50% 0.50% - - Balance
Ferro Silicon (With Rare Earth) 70% Or 75% 1.0% 0.50% - - Balance
Ferro Silicon Barium 68‐75% 1.50% 0.80% 1.2‐1.8% - Balance
Ferro Silicon Zirconium 70% 1.50% 0.50% - 2.0‐2.5% Balance

Other Inoculants & Nodulisers can be manufactured as per required specifications and size requirements.

Other Specifications

  1. Size:0.2 to 0.7mm; 1 to 4mm; 3 to 6mm; 4 to 10mm
  2. Packing:In Paper Bags or Jumbo Bags