Manganese Dioxide (MNO2)

Different grades of Manganese Dioxide (MNO2) are manufactured ranging from 60% MN02 to 90% MNO2 in powder as well as granular form. Manganese Dioxide is an essential ingredient for the manufacturing of dry cells, it is also used for decolorizing the greenish tinge in glass, it is used in Ferro‐alloys, ceramics, pigments, paints, dyes, organic, inorganic and aromatic chemicals, and also in water treatment plant where this granular MNO2 is used to remove iron from the water.

Physical Properties

Sr. No. Property Name Description
1. Color Steel gray to solid black
2. Odour Odourless
3. Fluidity Free flowing
4. Luster Metallic to dull
5. Crystal system Tetragonal; 4/m 2/m 2/m
6. CAS No. 1313‐13‐9
6. Molecular Wt. 87
7. Density 5.026 kg/dm 3
8. Solubility Water Insoluble / Acid Insoluble
9. Particle Size As per your requirement (from 85 mesh to 400 mesh)

Other Specifications

Following grades of Manganese Dioxide are available with us in Lump, Powder, Chips & in Granulated form:60% to 90%

Grades & Application
MNO2-Aromatic Grade
MNO2-Klmo4 Grade
MNO2-Glass Industry
MNO2-Ceramic Grade
MNO2-Water Purification
MNO2-Match Industry Grade
MNO2-Pharma Grade
MNO2-Dig Cell Grade

(Detailed analysis can be provided for the Grade required)

Granulated MnO2

Granulated MnO2 is used for purification of water; to save major cost, without affecting the quality it can be used in the place of natural Pyrolox, Filox‐R or Manganese Greensand and is available in the following size range:

  1. Size Range: 0.25 to 1.0 mm, 0.35 to 0.85 mm, 0.5 to 1 mm, 1 to 2 mm, 1 to 3 mm, Other sizes on request
  2. Production Capacity:1200 Metric tones per month