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Nodularizers are alloys with Silicon as main component and traces of Magnesium, Cerium; Calcium with specific relevance. The Nodularizers process enables the transformation of lamellar graphite into spheroidal or vermicular one, thus improving mechanical strength, elongation and material resilience.


Inoculants are added in Liquid Cast Iron in order to provide the best and consistent characteristics in the final casting. They are used to control matrix structure and avoid casting defects.

Nickel Magnesium

Nickel Magnesium Alloys are Master Alloys of Magnesium with Nickel, which facilitates higher transfer of Magnesium into the liquid Cast Iron in comparison with pure magnesium due to metal density variations of liquid Iron & Magnesium.

Metallurgical Cored Wires

With a history of production for Speciality & Treatment Alloys having its application in Special Steel Treatment & Foundry Industry, NPPL has further expanded into manufacturing ofMetallurgical Cored Wires forthe Steel & Foundry Industry Worldwide.