Manganese Oxide (MnO) Feed Grade

Feed Grade

Manganese is an important micronutrient, the deficiency of which disrupts growth and results in disorders of the bones and central nervous system. As the animal body does not produce Manganese, it needs to be supplemented externally. Thus, it forms an important constituent of all Animal and Cattle feed.

Different grades of Manganese Oxide are manufactured ranging from 50% Mn to 62 % Mn. It is used in Animal Feed Industry, Fertilizer Industry, and Welding Industry etc. NPPL manufactures Manganese Oxide as per European feed specifications, with heavy metals within specified limits. 

Physical Properties

Sr. No. Property Name Description
1. Odour Odourless
2. Fluidity Free flowing fine power
3. Color Greenish Brown
4. Particle Size 100 Mesh 98 % passin, 200 Mesh 90% passing (or as per order)
5. Specific Gravity 4 to 4.5
6. Toxicity Non ‐ Hazardous


Sr. No. Typical Analysis Elements Grade
1. Manganese Mn (T) 60 – 62% Min or 62% Max
2. SiO2 7% Max
3. Fe2O3 7% Max
4. Al2O3 4% Max
5. Pb (Lead) 100 PPM Max
6. As (Arsenic) 100 PPM Max
7. Cd (Cadmium) 10 PPM Max
8. Hg (Mercury) NIL
9. Dioxin NIL( Not Present in our material)
10. Shelf life 3 Years
11. Solubility Water Insoluble / Acid Soluble
12. Packing Packed in HDPE/PP Bags (25kgs or 1250 kg Jumbo Bags)
13. Capacities NPPL has a production capacity to Manufacture 1000mt/Month of Feed Grade MNO