Nickel Magnesium


Nickel Magnesium Nodularizer

For Ferrous Founries & Steel Roll Manufacture

Nickel Magnesium (NiMg) Alloys are Master Alloys of Magnesium with Nickel, which facilitates higher transfer of Magnesium into the liquid Cast Iron in comparison with pure magnesium due to metal density variations of liquid Iron & Magnesium Resulting in better Recoveries & Minimising MgO Fume Emissions during treatment. 

Additions of NiMg into liquid Iron promote Nodular Graphites in Ductile Iron / SG Iron. It is also used for Deoxidation & Desulfurization of Cast Iron, Special Steels and Super Alloys.

Nickel-Magnesium can also be Manufactured along with Cerium Rare Earth Metals which helps to reduce the Effects caused by the Presence of Other Impurities like Titanium, Lead & Others. Rare Earth further Enhances & improves the Nodularizing Effect of Magnesium & Prevents the Fading Effect in Castings.

Other Nickel Master Alloys & Compositions:

Grade Table

Pyro NiMag 50 94-96% 4‐5% With or Without 0.50% 0.50%
Pyro NiMag 8160 80-83% 14‐17% With or Without 0.50% 0.50%
Pyro NiMag 8200 79-82% 18‐20% With or Without 0.50% 0.50%

(Other grades available & can be manufactured as per specific requirements & applications)

Other Specifications