Aluminium Master Alloys (PYRO Masters)

With the difficulty to add specific metal/elements directly into Aluminium for manufacturing Aluminum Alloys to enhance its physical properties, these elements (Si, Sr, Mn, Cu, Mg, Re) are combined with Aluminium as a medium for purpose of addition into melt, thereby creating a perfect addition of selected elements with reduced Slag/ Oxide formations and in‐time dissolution to give homogenous mixture. NPPL produces these Aluminium based master Alloys in its ultra low frequency induction furnace, thereby giving complete homogeneity in the final product.


  1. Aluminium Silicon Alloy (Silicon Pyro‐Master)
  2. Aluminium Strontium Alloy (Strontium Pyro‐Master)
  3. Aluminium Magnesium Alloy (Magnesium Pyro‐Master)
  4. Aluminium Copper Alloy (Copper Pyro‐Master)
  5. Aluminium Manganese Alloy (Manganese Pyro‐Master)
  6. Aluminium Titanium Alloy (Titanium Pyro‐Master)

Alloy Table

Silicon Pyro‐Master 10%; 15%; 20%; 30%; 40%; 50% Min 0.50% Max Balance
Strontium Pyro‐Master 5%; 10% Min 0.50% Max Balance
Magnesium Pyro‐Master 5%; 8%; 15%; 20% Min 0.50% Max Balance
Copper Pyro‐Master 20%; 30%; 40%; 50% Min 0.50% Max Balance
Titanium Pyro‐Master 5%; 10%; 15% Min 0.50% Max Balance
Manganese Pyro‐Master 8%; 15%; 20% Min 0.50% Max Balance

Others as required

Other Specifications

  1. Chemical Specification:NPPL can manufacture & supply other master Alloys as per required elements; specifications & size for specific treatments & use as desired
  2. Physical Form: 200 grams Piglets; 500 grams Piglets; 1000 grams Piglets 2kg Ingots; 5kg ingots other size & shape as required
  3. Packing: In 25 kg Gunny or HDPE Bags In Steel Drums Others as required

Ferrro Alloys & Metal Powders

NPPL is engaged into manufacturing various Ferro Alloys & metal powders for Welding Electrode Manufacturing; Hard Facing Industry & Flux Manufacturers. These Powders can be manufactured as per specific size & specifications required by the user based on application & use. These Powders include:

  1. Low; Medium & High Carbon Ferro Manganese Powders (Low Phos)
  2. Extra Low; Low & Extra High Carbon Ferro Chrome Powders (9% Carbon)
  3. Ferro Silicon 45% Stabilised Powders (Stabilization Using Both Caustic & KMnO4)
  4. Ferro Silicon 65% & 75% Powders
  5. Ferro Titanium 30%; 40% & 70% Powders
  6. Ferro Niobium; Ferro Molybdenum; Ferro Vanadium Powders
  7. Pure Nickel Powders
  8. Chromium Metal Powders
  9. Manganese Metal Powder
  10. Silico Manganese Powder
  11. Ferro Aluminium Powder
  12. Ferro Silicon Magnesium Powder & Granules