Quality control

NPPL is an ISO 9001-2008 & FAMIQS certified organization thus ensuring quality control at all stages of production starting from incoming raw materials to in-process material & finished goods. The company through its stringent, quality control measures ensures perfection throughout the manufacturing process so as to eliminate defects at every level of production. NPPL has been working with other Mineral & Metal departments of the country in the areas of exploration and improvement of quality through improved processes, raw material sourcing, research & development and atomization, which has helped us gain sustained competitive advantage.

A well-equipped, state of the art laboratory has been developed on the site with modern equipment’s and procedures for detailed testing &evolution of the product at every stage of manufacturing process, thus continuously ensuring quality output. In-House EDXRF Spectro (Pan-Analytical Make) along with MS Equipment; Carbon & Sulphur Apparatus & other Wet-Chemical Testing Facilities and necessary equipments helps us analyze samples within minutes during & after production.

Corporate Social Responsibility

NPPL understands its responsibility & operates in a manner that protects basic Human Rights, provides opportunities of growth for its employees, protects the environment and makes a positive contribution to the community. We embrace the culture of continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.

Infrastructure Facilities